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Change by Design Joburg

A collaborative project on housing justice in inner-city Johannesburg.

Day 5 – CLOSING Event

Day 5 – CLOSING Event

The final event was an important moment of the workshop, where the various project stakeholders came together to creatively and collaboratively design actionable next steps towards the project’s aims and needs.

The event was open to city officials, academic partners, NGOs, residents, and anyone else interested in the project’s topics, and was held at the School of Architecture and Planning in the University of the Witwatersrand’s John Moffat building. This space was generously provided by the school as a gesture of support to the project’s aims.

The final exhibition was divided into three moments of engagement: Place, People, and Pathways. Each board provided a summary of the research that had been done on the places worked with, and the stories of the people that the process revealed were then shared. The exhibition culminated with a larger timeline that guided the discussion towards pathways for future actions for all involved to take on. The participants were then invited to take a small card from each stage (people, place, and pathway) and arrange them towards how they personally would be actioning these insights in this project or future work. These insights were then collated on the “how do we move forward” wall.

During the final moment of the event, various grassroots stakeholders were given the opportunity to voice their insights and connect with those invited, suggesting how they will take the project forward. The project partners then thanked everyone who came and took part in the event, closing the workshop for the week.

Overall, the final event was a crucial moment in the workshop as it provided space for various project stakeholders to come together, share insights, and collaborate on actionable next steps towards the project’s aims and needs. The exhibition format allowed for an engaging and interactive experience, encouraging participants to reflect on their own role in the project and how they could contribute to its success.


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