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Change by Design Joburg

A collaborative project on housing justice in inner-city Johannesburg.

Day 4 – Final Activities

Day 4 – Final Activities

The final day of fieldwork in this iteration of Change by Design was a crucial moment, as it provided an opportunity to tie up any loose ends in the exercises and ensure that all participants were connected to the project’s future. We invited the individuals we had worked with to join us for the final event at the University of the Witwatersrand, where we could collectively take the next steps forward in our pursuit of housing justice for the inner city of Johannesburg.

On Day 4, the various scale groups worked together to finalize the co-productive field data collection, bringing the initial inquiries that started on Monday to a close. These final engagements were critical and involved the 1to1 Asivikalane Community Facilitators, who had been working closely with the project from the outset and would continue to do so well beyond this week.

As the day progressed, the participants engaged in a skills-sharing exercise, exchanging knowledge and insights about the workshop methodology and the Community Facilitators’ experiences with the Asivikalane Campaign and their advocacy work against the City of Johannesburg. The knowledge sharing and insight production that took place during this session was incredibly enriching.

This final day also marked the beginning of collating all of the information gathered throughout the week towards the final event, which would bring everyone together and facilitate the next steps forward towards collective action on Housing Justice for Inner City Johannesburg. The project team worked diligently to ensure that the information was organized and accessible, making it easier to identify the key insights and themes that emerged from the week’s work. With this information in hand, the team was excited to take the next steps forward and work towards positive change in the community.


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