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Change by Design Joburg

A collaborative project on housing justice in inner-city Johannesburg.

Day 0 – Introduction & Welcome

Day 0 – Introduction & Welcome

On Sunday January 22, the 2023 Change by Design workshop commenced with an opening session that brought together all the participants.

The purpose of this session was to encourage reflection and engagement through a series of questions centring on the participants’ expectations for the week, the role of short-term workshops and interventions, and what ethics-in-action might look like in the context of Johannesburg.

The group exercises continued in the accommodation’s garden, where the participants delved deeper into these topics. They engaged in fruitful discussions about the things they would like to leave behind and the things they hoped to gain from the experience ahead. These discussions were particularly rich, as they focused on the nature of short, focused engagements like this workshop, and how the organizers at ASF and their partners had conceived of the week.

The opening sessions were capped off with a group dinner, creating an exciting and anticipatory atmosphere for the days ahead. The participants left the gathering feeling motivated and eager to engage with the rest of the workshop activities, armed with new insights and perspectives from the discussions they had just shared.


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